Subarashii: Eggsellent

I've learned a lot since making S:E. What you see in it is in no way representative of ICEntertainment's current skills, nor even the skills of those involved at the time. S:E was shot in its entirety in one hour, and apart from the translator scene, everything was the first and only take. So please forgive me for the awful quality of the movie.

Perhaps the story surrounding Subarashii: Eggsellent can provide more entertainment than the movie itself. Back in 2000 when I was in 5th form, the school was to hold a short film festival. Me and my friend Jonathan Wong were sitting around one lunchtime working on Japanese assignments, and rambling about all sorts of crap. Among our rantings were two key ideas - a giant chicken attacking Tokyo tower, and the cellphone cancer scare of the time, where we thought "why not throw microwave ovens at people instead of microwave radiation?". Thus, Subarashii: Eggsellent was born.

Subarashii: Eggsellent actually translates to Excellent: Excellent, which is kind of ironic, since the final product is far from being excellent, let alone doubly so. It wasn't until we were ready to storyboard that we even had a title, I'll be damned if I can remember what we called it before we'd decided. It was our Japanese teacher Jasmine Capell who came up with the final name, as I recall - we figured it was just corny enough to work.

It's no hard task to imagine that we didn't win the film festival. First place went to The Whiskey Butler Project, made by a 7th form team and was technically masterful, though didn't make the slightest bit of sense. 2nd went to Sick, about a man whose wife leaves him because he spends all his money on Moro bars, and ends up puking in the toilet. Sick starred Chris Kirk, who you might remember was our hopeless translator. Miss Capell had been our first choice for that role, but she had a lunchtime meeting, so we just grabbed the first acting friend we could find. Subarashii: Eggsellent came third, beating out some ultra-crappy and unimaginative films.

Now, for the first time ever, you can download the re-mastered version of Subarashii: Eggsellent. Also available, a version with Director's commentary, and the brand new exclusive Director's Cut version.

        -- Morgs.

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