The works of the duo all too often accused of being involved with mind-bending drugs - Morgs & Jessie, who rest assured are clean and sober. Enjoy films such as The Search For Jimmy, and coming soon The Voice of Electronics!

The Search for Jimmy

This mad-cap quest came from a random thought as Morgs was walking Jessie home at about 2am one night after a good time with the group. We got to the corner of Ingestre Street and Victoria Avenue before Jess suggested we could entertain ourselves and maybe even make something worthwhile if we headed back and got the camera. The jury is still out on whether we were referring to "Crazeh" Jimmy Rouk aka James O'Conner or not...

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The Voice of Electronics

Sometimes maybe it's better not to reveal how an idea comes about, for the sheer insignificance of it all. The truth is that the thought that sparked this venture was Morgs not being able to hear Jessie on the phone over the white noise coming from his computer. From there quickly we had built a "situational" joke in which Jessie was responsible for making various noises for home electronics. After a solid five minutes of ideas building up we realised we had something potentially great here, and quickly retraced our steps and wrote it all down.

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A very basic clip, parodying the all too familiar "You Wouldn't..." Anti-Piracy ads. We came up with the idea to do something along these lines while I was in Wellington visiting Jessie in early 2007, but it wasn't until May that I actually put the clip together, also incorporating some footage we had lying around from the same night we did the first trial scene of ESD and Gary's first Mockumentary.

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