ICE in Motion

Welcome to the index for all the various clips and shows that ICE has produced. Enjoy!

Subarashii: Eggsellent

First up, we have a whole host of content for the first film I ever made - Subarashii: Eggsellent. You can download three different versions of the film (unique enough to warrant the download of all three), browse over the original storyboards and discover some background trivia.

ICEography Links: Original // Director's Cut

Intro to The Life and Art of Tom Wesselmann

A short clip from a friend's Art History project where I played the part of the kind of Pop Artist that paints, not sings.

Everyone Stupid Dies

The script for ESD is now complete, so be on the look out for new content coming soon. In the meantime, there's a nice synopsis of the plot, and some clips of early attempts at 'concept filming'.

ICEography Links: Concept Scene // Blooper Reel // Pizza Preview // Excuses

Gary's Mockumentaries

Stumbled upon during our first attempt at concept filming ESD, we turned Gary Brown's crazy antics into a series, incorporating various other crazy characters into the mix!

ICEography Links: Episode 1 // 2 // 2a // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

McKenzottori Studios

The works of the duo all too often accused of being involved with mind-bending drugs - Morgs & Jessie, who rest assured are clean and sober. Enjoy films such as The Search For Jimmy, and coming soon The Voice of Electronics!

ICEography Links: Search for Jimmy // Jimmy (BadHorse Edit) // Voice of Electronics // Piracy

The House of Morgneto

The animated wing of ICEntertainment, currently producing films using LionHead Studios' game appropriately titled "The Movies". From A Scorpion in The Eye to the Killing You... series, you never know what to expect!

ICEography Links:
Killing You... A Week Ago! // George Lucas Attacks! // A Scorpion in The Eye!

Some Form of Ultimate Deathmatch

Carrying on from Gary's Mockumentaries Episode 4, Some Form of Ultimate Deathmatch is something of a comic replacement - AWC Live, if you will!

ICEography Links: Round 1 // 2 // 3 // Blooper Reel

Rick Mogan: P.I.

An upcoming TV-format series featuring the trials of a writer turned detective. Like a live-action "Killing You... A Week Ago!"