The House of Morgneto is the animated wing of ICEntertainment, thus far featuring films created using LionHead Studios' aptly titled game The Movies. Here's where you'll find all the latest Crazy!

Killing You... A Week Ago!

The first installment of a Film Noir Parody series, follow the adventures of a detective with a big difference...

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George Lucas Attacks! (Actors' Commentary)

What I'm going to call "proof that commentary can be a whole lot funnier than the original film". Originally there was a line at the start along the lines of "Fuck you, American Pigs", portraying my character as a conceited Brit, but then we realised we probably wouldn't get great reviews over at The Movies Online

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A Scorpion in The Eye!

What happens when you get Morgs and The J Team (Jessie, Jarrod, James) together infront of The Movies with the question "What should we make?"? Well, it might go along the lines of a hunt for a good title... and when we find that, well we just go crazy.

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