Gary's Mockumentaries
(Episode 3: Telecommunications) [2005]

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Gary's Mockumentaries

And here we are...

Plot Outline:
Gary talks to Typical New Zealand Flatmates about Telecommunications deals, much like another Gary...

Cast Credits:

Gary Brown

Typical NZ Host

Morgan Hunter-Bell

Typical NZ Flat Security Guard

Grayden Bell

Typical NZ Hobo

Hayden Sturzaker

Typical NZ Flatmate #1 (Wanker)

James O'Connor

Typical NZ Flatmate #2 (Sink Sleeper)

Jarrod Cornforth

Typical NZ Flatmate #3 (In Bondage)

Sam Walker

Typical NZ Flatmate #4 (Drinking Vanilla Coke)

Crew Credits:

Morgan Hunter-Bell


Sam Walker